Take the Boredom out of Your Weekly Workout

Forbes Magazine ranked squash the #1 healthiest sport, beating out rowing, basketball, cross-country skiing, rock climbing, and swimming.

Why Squash?
Squash is a fast-paced sport that requires a high level of hand-eye coordination, quickness and strength. The Fit4Squash squash workout program trains sport-specific muscles to increase their performance. Exercisers using the Fit4Squash training routine reap the benefits of more muscle tone and improved endurance. Fit4Squash also functions as a racquetball workout since both sports use the same muscles.

Health benefits
of playing squash include:
  • Improvement in cardiovascular health
  • Increase in strength and fitness
  • Maintanence of a healthy body weight
  • Increase in flexibility and strength in the back
  • Promotion of coordination, agility and flexibility
  • Builds hand-eye coordination
  • Weight loss: Squash burns up to 600 calories per game!
Great for all ages!
Squash is easy to learn with modified games and equipment to suit every size and skill level. Play year round.

About Andrew Stiles
Andrew Stiles is a Certified Level II Squash Instructor. He provides lessons, workouts and fitness coaching, and specializes in beginner instruction and junior squash instruction clinics. You don't need a partner to play squash to get fit and have fun...Andrew can professionally develop an individual workout that can be integrated into your weekly fitness routine!

Ready to get fit with squash? Contact Andrew today, and begin your journey to being Fit4Squash!

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